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Erosion Corrosion
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The forces of nature constantly bombard the building envelope, and the inhabitant is often unaware of any exterior conditions. This project aims to make the force of rain apparent via the use of 'improper detailing,' which erodes the facade skin and connects the inhabitant to material weathering properties. Erosion Corrosion is the unique material phenomena which occurs when corrosive cedar wood is placed above untreated copper metal. Over time the metal experience change in color and eventual disintegration. Normally, an architect would cringe at the thought of intentionally damaging the skin of the facade. However, one cannot assume that material never age. This project takes ownership of the aging process (albeit an expedited one) to achieve aesthetic

The "proper" method for detailing standing seam copper panels acts as the parameters for erosion. The parameters of erosion include seam orientation, seam height, and proximity to the cedar shingle corrosive drainage. This connection to nature goes beyond phenomenology. The building tests the temporal condition of deteriorating building materials. One can hope that visitors would enjoy the day to day evolution of the building skin. Also, appreciate the time-released space within the building, which is designed to either open to the elements or remain closed. 

Cedar roof shingle run-off is used as a corrosive agent to erode the copper facade.

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The building facade will transform over time and test the limits of designer control.


Over time the metal experience change in color and eventual disintegration.

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Vermont | USA




340 m²


Philip Claghorn



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