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Age of The Anthropocene
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The Earth contains vast boreal forests, and in the age of the Anthropocene, these forests are transforming in destructive ways. These changes affect the health of humans and the natural environment today and will have a more profound impact on the planet's future if left untreated. This project deals with one environmental crisis in the high impact area Alberta Tar Sands. There is a lot of industrial and oil production in Alberta. This industry impacts people's health and shapes the landscape leaving a detrimental path of air and water pollution, primarily affecting the riverine habitats. This project is located on a polluted tailing pond and is designed to filter toxins and CO2 from the damaged environment. This project aimed to reclaim the natural environment and reshape the landscape after the tailing ponds' deformation. The machine designed for this project and housed in the building absorbs CO2 and pollutants from the tailing ponds and converts them into fertilizers for reclamation. 

The program includes an area for the public and scientists to interact with this machine, and become educated on the reclamation process to promote human and environmental health.

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This project moves based on hand temperature and generates an interactive relationship between humans and their environment.

The transformation between closed and open facade is driven by the filtering and density of CO2

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Alberta, Canada




4,500 m²

Research Collaborator

Mahan Navabi



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