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City of The Future

This project was focused on understanding the context and growth of Oslo at an urban scale. Oslo is the fastest growing city in Europe with its population increasing at the rate of 1.5% annually. By 2100, Norway’s population is predicted to increase by 2.5 million people. Based on the current population growth patterns and figures, 1.5 million people of the total increase in Norway are projected to be housed in Oslo. The existing city of Oslo is incapable of handling an additional 1.5 million people because it is geographically constrained by a green belt to its North that is protected for conservation and heritage value, and already saturated in terms of its infrastructure. Thus, Oslo's future is envisioned on the water as a loop, the Oslo O. The Oslo O aims to blend the difference between water and the land. Inhabiting this space by creating opportunities for housing and infrastructure. The goal of my design was to maximize public space and merge it seamlessly with the surrounding infrastructure.

While the existing city distinctly separates land and water, the Oslo O aims to blend the difference and inhabit the space in between the two by creating opportunities for housing and infrastructure.

Design Process

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The core of the loop comprises layers of infrastructure that set up encourages and activates water life and transportation while maintaining its relationship with the spine of the system- the loop.

Master PLan-0loww1.jpg
2020-main Render_low Size.jpg


Oslo | Norway



Infrastructure Collaborators

Katherine Truluck | Chrissie Robillard I Anuradha Desai | Yuchi Kuo



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