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Contextual Object
Warehouse | Exhibition | Retail
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This project designed and constructed a rim and tire store, warehouse, and exhibition space in the heart of the city's auto salvage yard district. The design incorporates the surrounding scrapyard area and reflects aspects of this urban environment through artwork, conformity, and visual harmony. Exploiting local possibilities to create a new and innovative design was central to this work.


The project consists of different programs, including an exhibition space, office, reception area, and warehouse for storage. The auto-part stairs sit at the core of all these spaces as an art installation connecting the programs. The stairs visually command the room and evoke a range of emotions in users as they approach. People feel excitement and delight combined with uncertainty and trepidation to ascend the stairs, as this installation provokes the visual illusion of movement. This project was a massive success in vivifying and reinventing this urban warehouse space, and generated a shift in the salvage district environment. 

I used old and disabled car parts existing in the surrounding area to create a staircase as a focal point within the space.


The steps were pre-fabricated and assembled on-site, incorporating the re-purposed auto-parts.

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Dubai I UAE




600 m²


Design and Development



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